Corporate Events – Half Day

Length Half Day

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In Person

Our events usually involve some form of the following:


Quite often there is a business initiative your people and teams need to discuss. It might be a new product or service launch. It might be a brand new company. It might be a fiscal year-end review, or strategic planning for the coming years.

Sometimes the best place for those discussions is away from the corporate world of glass, concrete, bureaucracy, and boardrooms. We can help you craft and deliver your message in a relaxing, rural, country-based, environment where people can be more at home and feel like a family more than just employees of an organization.


Following your message, we can help your teams and people gain some unique perspectives on how to work better together. How to plan. How to communicate. How to problem-solve. How to collaborate. How to not just survive as a team, but to thrive as one!

Note our sessions are not power-point presentations (unless you like that sort of thing), and they are not for the faint of heart. Instead, we work with you to identify what would be most helpful, and then we engage everyone in simulation, exercises, competitions, and learning activities to create a memorable and fun learning and team-building opportunity!


For even more learning and team building opportunities, if you find it appropriate we can leverage our extensive knowledge about wines and wine culture to add a module where you can help your people expand their social and cultural experience. They can learn how to sample and evaluate wines properly (and safely), how the business of wine, spirits, and beer production works, and even those products might taste like and pair with.

If this experience is conducted in Prince Edward County, depending on the situation we may also be able to arrange for samplings of local products (depending on the location of the venue and of course, if proper transportation and accommodation has been arranged). Safety must always come first, so we can help you make all of these these arrangements with local services because we actually live here!

Honestly, there’s far too much to list, as every event is different. We would be happy to have a conversation with you about your outcomes, what an amazing experience might look like, and how we can help.  Reach out to us to discuss what experience you would like!
  • Team building and corporate events have been quite challenging since the global COVID-19 pandemic was announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 17, 2020. Companies, teams, and individuals are struggling to get back to a new “normal” as we figure out what the future holds for us.

    Most organizations have found new ways of working together with remote-based teams, and will continue to operate that way. Other organizations and teams have begun to return to a hybrid model, while others are returning or have already returned to full-time office engagements.

    Regardless of your situation, we feel the cornerstone to building a successful organization and team is to create personable, memorable, learning engagements where people can break the norms of the corporate world and be the individuals they are. This is our way of helping those teams and organizations that feel the same way as us, and that might value some memorable experiences. Who knows, in doing so maybe we can help humanize work and make it a fun place to be!