Jerry Doucett

Certified Coach & Trainer

Helping organizations, teams, and people evolve their ways of working.

Jerry Doucett has over 30 years hands-on experience in improving business practices, and developing and delivering learning and development programs for software, delivery, service, and process initiatives. He also has extensive experience in helping multinational organizations improve their business agility, to become systems thinkers, and to adopt a continuous learning mindset.

Jerry began his teaching career in 1998 as a part-time professor at Toronto Metropolitan University. Over the past 15 years, he has been a practicing advisory trainer, enterprise coach, and senior consultant. During this time Jerry has personally taught and certified over 2500 people in hundreds of classes, seminars, and workshops in over 5 continents for organizations such as Kanban University, Agile Education Program, Scrum Alliance, and ICAgile.

Jerry’s attention to detail is outpaced only by his willingness to constantly evolve his learning events based on customer feedback in his passion for making learning an amazing experience. His approach is to provide guidance and mentorship to individuals, teams, and organizations on five key success pillars:

  • Cultivating in-house expertise on Agile and Lean business improvement and management practices with the targeted outcome of achieving sustainable and predictable delivery.
  • Defining enterprise change management and implementation strategies to help make meaningful change stick.
  • Building coaching programs to organically grow, manage, and improve internal support abilities.
  • Developing collaborative, long lasting relationships among business partners.
  • Creating and delivering key educational training development programs to help you and your organization evolve, mature, and better service your customer’s needs.

Jerry was extremely supportive, encouraging, and insightful. He supplied a comfortable, educational environment that allowed us to open up and participate. He gave us perspectives and real-life examples that we would have otherwise not necessarily realized. This combined Scrum Master and Product Owner course was very informative, engaging, and definitely gave us a lot of value. 

Senada Erden, Product Owner

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My Trainer Jerry should rate amongst the best trainers out there. The way he kept the energy in the class and paced the learning is nothing short of what great tutors do! He went above and beyond to ensure we all grasped the concepts that were thrown at us. I picked up a lot of insights from the tutor and participants that I will apply to my team.

Wale Moronkola, Project Manager/Scrum Master


Jerry is able to weave in real life experience and examples that are relatable, he provides a safe environment to share issues / pain points from our own experience, and leads with powerful questions that highlight systemic opportunities for evolution. The care and detail is apparent in all of the experiences Jerry provides as a coach, mentor & leader.

Brandon Peddie, Product Owner

Farm Credit Canada