These are the service agreement terms for evolutionize’s learning events (also known as classes, workshops, or training sessions).

Our mission is to provide the highest quality training possible, delivered in a transparent, professional, and ethical manner.

Our commitment is to create a safe learning experience that will stimulate and engage you. For in-person events, we will do everything possible to ensure there is a comfortable, accessible, learning environment. For virtual events, we will use industry proven tools and practices to facilitate the learning experience.

By registering to attend an evolutionize learning event, you are agreeing to the following service agreement terms.


All prices shown are in Canadian Dollars unless otherwise stated. A 13% Canadian HST (Harmonized Services Tax) will be charged on all learning events, and our business HST number will be provided on all receipts.


Registrants of any evolutionize learning event are entitled to a 75% refund of their payment if they choose to withdraw within two months of the specified start date. This is reduced to 50% if they choose to withdraw within a month, and 25% within two weeks. No refund will be provided if the registrant withdraws within 3 days of the start date, or if the registrant does not show up when the learning event begins.

Rescheduling Requests

Requests for rescheduling to a future learning event is permitted within 3 business days of the specified start date for a $100 service charge.

Transfers and Substitutions

All registrations are transferable without penalty. Please inform us within 48 hours of the start of your learning event if you would like to transfer your registration to someone else.


evolutionize guarantees all our trainers are highly qualified and certified to deliver the learning events we provide. Our trainers are specifically expected to share not just the curriculum, but real-life stories and experiences to provide you with context and perspective, and round out the learning.

We take pride in having some of the highest ratings for Agile trainers globally. You can see some of our testimonials on our website, or look up any of our trainers on LinkedIn.

In some cases we may pair our trainers for a learning event. This serves two purposes: 1) to provide you with different perspectives and knowledge, while 2) we provide support and feedback to one another as trainers so we may improve our craft. 

However, we cannot guarantee a specific trainer, and trainer substitutions may occur at any time without prior notice. When substitutions occur, we will inform registrants as soon as we can about the change.

Attendees / Registrants

The purpose of learning is to explore new ideas and expand on current knowledge. As a result, attendees may find the topics, concepts, and ideas presented in our learning events sometimes challenge current norms and ways of thinking. We ask that you show up with an open mind, welcome to change and alternative views.

To make it an amazing learning experience, attendees are also expected to participate, because you will only get out of a session what you are willing to put in to it! This means showing up on time for the event and after breaks, having your video on if it is a virtual event, and actively engaging in dialogue. Note you do not have to agree with the learnings and conversation, because exploring different perspectives is how we all learn! However, you are always expected to participate in a professional and mutually respectful manner.

For certification courses it is particularly important to be present and in attendance for the full length of the session. For virtual sessions this means video is on throughout the class, as we cannot certify someone if they are not visibly and actively in attendance.

Exceptions do occur, so please let us know in advance of any challenges.

Attendees can not miss more than 30 minutes of a session. If for any reason you cannot meet this requirement we will be happy to transfer you to a future learning event of the same type when you will be able to focus on learning.

Our learning events are scheduled in the Eastern North American time zone (ET) where Toronto, Canada is located, unless otherwise stated.

Cancellations and Changes

We aim to deliver all learning events as published, and we rarely, if ever cancel.

However, we are agile and recognize unforeseen things happen, so the specified dates and venues for our learning events may change, be rescheduled, or cancelled due to circumstances out of our control, such as bad weather, civil unrest, strikes, illness, technology failures, etc. In these rare cases we will always place the health and well-being of our customers and staff first, and we will do our best to accommodate needs and keep you informed of changes.

In the rare event an evolutionize event is changed, canceled, or rescheduled, registrants will be given the option to either reschedule at no fee to a future event of the same type, or to receive a full refund of their purchase. No further compensation will be provided.

Technology and Accessibility

Our learning event registrants will be provided information on which tools, applications, or technology are required to participate. It is the registrant’s responsibility to inform evolutionize as soon as possible of all technology or accessibility concerns, limitations, needs, or expectations they may have while preparations, accommodations, or remediations are still possible and practical.

For virtual (online) learning events, registrants are responsible for ensuring their technology is compatible with those evolutionize uses, and that the registrant is somewhat familiar with how to operate them. High speed, uninterruptible internet access is mandatory as two-way videoconferencing is expected (registrants are expected to participate with cameras on). The tools we use typically include (but are not limited to) videoconferencing (Zoom with MS Teams as a backup), virtual white boarding (Miro with Mural as a backup). Note select corporate customers will need to verify the firewall and port service permissions on your corporate computer permit you to access and use the cloud-based tools listed above, otherwise we recommend using a personal electronic device (laptop or tablet) with a video camera and microphone.

For in-person learning events, registrants are responsible for ensuring they can access the specific location, that they are on site before the session begins, and they can remain on-site for the length of the scheduled event.

It is possible evolutionize may have to substitute technology or venues if a failure or emergency occurs and a backup or alternate solution is required to complete the learning event. In this case we will communicate any changes as soon as we know.


Our goal is to create a safe, welcome, fair, and accommodating experience for all our customers and staff. At evolutionize, we value respect, privacy, equality, and equity above everything else. Our instructors are expert facilitators, and like our attendees they are expected to nurture a mutually respectful environment where we may all share perspectives and learn from one another.

However, if for any reason you are not comfortable during our learning event, please let your instructor know as soon as possible, as it is their primary goal to provide a good customer experience.

If absolutely necessary, our instructors have authority to remove disruptive individuals from our learning events with no compensation provided. In over 15 years of teaching thousands of people we have only had to do this once, so we are quite confident you will have a great experience.

Feedback, Marketing and Promotions

We frequently request feedback and insights from our registrants and customers about their experience so we may learn and improve. This information is tremendously valuable to us, as we use it to make empirical, data-driven decisions to evolve our products and services.  Unless explicitly noted this information will always be aggregated and remain confidential.

We may also seek testimonials, reviews, pictures, and/or videos from you to be shared on social media and/or in our publications, as timely referrals serve as the foundation for growing our business. In all cases we will obtain approval from you to publish or release information and will respect all requests to be excluded from our publications or social media releases.