Kanban Systems Improvement® (KSI)

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Length  16 hours

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Learn how to manage organizational change and deliver on promises to customers and stakeholders through effective systems thinking.

The Kanban Systems Improvement® (KSI) course gives you the knowledge and tools to optimize business services for flow and performance, deliver on promises to customers and stakeholders, build a resilient organization that embraces improvement, and enhance your skills as a Kanban professional.

Learn how to confidently lead organizational improvements by:

  • Measuring and acting on what matters most.
  • Enhancing organizational communication.
  • Managing an interconnected enterprise.
  • Tackling variability and systemic delays.
  • Addressing shifting priorities, deadlines, interruptions, and constraints.
  • Creating a thriving organization.

Participants that successfully complete this course (previously known as Kanban Management Professional Part 2) will receive a certificate of completion for Kanban Systems Improvement® (KSI). By completing both this course and the Kanban System Design® (KSD) course, participants will earn the coveted Kanban Management Professional® (KMP) designation with Kanban University®.

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Note: This course is available to be completed in four half days or two full days.


This course is strongly recommended for:

  • Team Leads and Managers who are responsible for creating a high-performance work environment,
  • Leaders and Managers who want to transform their organizations,
  • Project Managers and Scrum Master who want to evolve Agility at their organization.

The Kanban Systems Improvement® (KSI) class is for people that take responsibility for improving Business Agility, or the delivery of products and services to customers of their professional service business.

It is also for people who are currently using a Kanban system, have prior experience with Kanban, or are currently in the KMP training series.

It is particularly good:

  • If you have experience applying the Kanban method in your organization.
  • If you want to keep momentum going by expanding on the initial improvements realized from the Kanban System Design® (KSD) class.
  • If you want to provide better products and services that lead to higher customer satisfaction and business performance.
  • If you want to design, build, and manage a more streamlined system of delivery.
  • If you want to provide your teams, business partners, and organization with smoother, more predictable work and flow.
  • If you want to grow a continuous learning organization that has an ecosystem of interdependent services.

By successfully completing the Kanban Systems Improvement® (KSI) course, you will:

  • Have a deeper understanding of Kanban practices to sustain evolutionary improvements.
  • Employ ‘pull systems’ at enterprise scale and learn how to implement Kanban Cadences for improved organizational feedback-loop mechanisms.
  • Design and implement a robust Kanban system for your service and teams.
  • Use the Kanban Method to improve the performance of your service to deliver work.
  • Manage shifting priorities, interruptions, dates, and other types of work.

We will also cover the core learning objectives from Kanban University®, which include:

  • Understand the basics, motivation, and benefits of evolutionary change.
  • Scale out your system in multiple directions – upstream, downstream, connected to other systems.
  • Learn how to run the Kanban cadences to manage and scale your system across your organization.
  • Understand the sources of delays, variability, and what you can do to effectively manage them.
  • Identify bottlenecks in a workflow and take actions to improve flow and reduce time to deliver or time to discover.
  • Learn how to utilize key metrics such as Lead Time to guide your continuous improvement using evolutionary change.

Attendees are expected to have read either of the following books prior to attending:

  • “Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change For Your Technology Business” by David J Anderson
  • “Kanban From the Inside” by Mike Burrows.

Note that a discount code for purchasing these books will be provided once you register and receive an invitation to the class.

Successful completion of the Kanban System Design® (KSD) class is highly recommended, followed by a gap of at least a month between classes to allow the learnings to be applied before attending this class. Prior experience leading, managing, or working on an Agile team would be beneficial.

Here are some recommended learning suggestions for before the class:

  • “Upstream Kanban” by Patrick Steyaert
  • “The Official Guide to the Kanban Method” by Kanban University – resources.kanban.university/kanban-guide/
  • “The Kanban Maturity Model” by Teodora Bozheva and David Anderson

Welcome, Logistics & Expectations

Part 1 – Kanban Patterns

  • Resistance to Change
  • Kanban and Organizational Maturity

Part 2 – Evolutionary Change

  • Case Study: Kanbanizing a System

Part 3 – Kanban for the Enterprise

  • Change Management
  • Core Kanban Practices
  • Service Delivery Mindset
  • Seeing Services
  • Scaling Across the Organization
  • Upstream Kanban
  • Delivery Kanban
  • Emergent Roles

Part 4 – Feedback Loops

  • Service Delivery Set
  • Replenishment
  • Daily Kanban
  • Delivery Planning
  • Service Delivery Review
  • Enterprise Improvement Set
  • Operations Review
  • Risk Review
  • Strategy Review

Part 5 – Strategies for Improvement

  • Lead Time
  • Avoiding and Removing Delays
  • Variability
  • Managing Bottlenecks
  • Economic Costs

Part 6 – Evolutionary Change

  • The Leader's Role
  • Empiricism
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Building a Resilient System

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